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Your Turkey visit is likely to be of limited duration and possibly once in a lifetime experience. A professional Turkish tour guide will be of key importance in making your tour in Turkey a pleasant and memorable one. 

You can make the best of your travel to Turkey in terms of information and good time with a Turkish tour guide whose knowledge, enthusiasm and sense of humor have been confirmed over the years by the testimonies of experienced travelers, many of whom are clients of distinguished cultural tour operators, who have consistently evaluated him as the “best ever.”


The perspective and information you will receive on Turkey with Rashid will be broader and deeper than what is ordinarily provided, and will go beyond the factual information provided by guide books, not only because Rashid has had long years of experience as a guide, but also because his presentations on Turkey are enriched by his experiences as a university instructor and author, his other professions. Rashid has taught university students as well as tour guides and written articles and books on diverse subjects including civilizations of ancient Turkey, Christianity in Turkey, Goddess tradition in Turkey and the economic and political life in Turkey.


With Rashid, you will perceive Topkapi Palace not simply as a museum where magnificent artifacts are on display, but as a revelation of the secrets of the success and decline of the Ottomans; the great mosques and the Hagia Sophia not simply as magnificent constructions, but also as products of a competition for the display of worldly power amongst rulers going back to Solomon’s time and a race amongst architects to overcome the “challenge of the dome;” and the whirling dervishes not as an exotic ritual but as an inner journey to the divine hidden within. At Gallipoli, visits to memorials and cemeteries will be accompanied by a detailed account of the campaign which will make you aware of who was where and when during the course of an ordeal which lasted for nine months.


Rashid deals with sensitive issues such as Gallipoli and religion in an unbiased and impartial way which makes it possible to appreciate contending viewpoints.


Through his experiences as tour guide, lecturer and author, Rashid has developed the skills to impart extensive information in an easy to understand manner accompanied by good humor. 



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