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Rashid has studied Gallipoli Campaign in depth over the years.His explanations on the subject are comprehensive and impartial. He has directed and organized the teaching materials for the Gallipoli training program for the members of Istanbul Tour Guides Association and has led several groups of international military officers on staff training to the Gallipoli battle grounds.


“Through Rashid I can better understand my grandfather’s respect for the Turks. Kia Ora.” Paul


"Thanks for a wonderful tour of Gallipoli." Jan 12, 2001, Edward Erickson, author of Gallipoli: The Ottoman Campaign

“There were many highlights on this tour but visiting Gallipoli and having such an insightful outline to events, leaving no stone unturned, touched my heart.”  Jackie Hall



G1 - Istanbul – Gallipoli by land route – Anzac Battlegrounds only (1 day)


Gallipoli is about four and a half hours away from Istanbul. Departing early from Istanbul, one can reach Anzac battlegrounds after lunch. Anzac Battleground visits take about three hours and include Ariburnu where the Anzacs first landed, North Beach where Dawn Service is held, Anzac Cove, Lone Pine where the Australian Memorial is located, Quinn’s Post, Russell’s Top, Nek and Chanuk Bair where the New Zealand memorial is. Departing from Gallipoli around 4:30 p.m., one would reach Istanbul around 10 p.m., stopping for dinner on the way. If the British landing beaches were also visited, return to Istanbul would be after mid night, and therefore not recommended. Those who wish to visit the beaches where the British landed should consider the next option, which includes an overnight stay in Canakkale.


Plane flights are also available to Canakkale from Istanbul.



G2 Istanbul - Gallipoli – Troyby land route – Anzac Battlegrounds and British Landing Beaches (2 days)


Day 1 Five hours drive from Istanbul to the Anzac Battlegrounds. Departing early from Istanbul, one can reach Anzac battlegrounds after lunch. Visits to Ariburnu, Anzac Cove, Lone Pine, Russell’s Top, Nek and Chanuk Bair take about three hours. Take the ferry across the Dardanelles Straits. Dinner and overnight in Canakkale.


Day 2 In the morning, visit the ruins of ancient Troy. Take the ferry back to Gallipoli peninsula. Visit the beaches where the British landed. S Beach (where the Turkish memorial is), V Beach, scene of the River Clyde episode took place and where the British Memorial is, X Beach and the Y Beach. Afternoon drive to Istanbul, arriving around 8 p.m. This option should be preferred by those to see not only the Anzac battle grounds but also the British landing beaches should prefer this option.



G3 - Istanbul - Gallipoli – Troyby Plane – Anzac Battlegrounds and British Landing Beaches (1 day)


When there is morning flight from Istanbul and return in the evening, above program Troy – British Landing Beaches – Anzac Battlegrounds can be completed in a single day.


One should check for flight times if interested in this option.



G4 - Edirne – Gallipoli – TroyIstanbul (2 Days)


It is possible to stop at Edirne on the way from Istanbul to Gallipoli and visit Selimiye, masterpiece of the great architect Sinan. This will add another four hours to the first day of the tour G2 above. Rest of the trip can be like G2.


Visit to Anzac battlegrounds will be late in the afternoon on the first day.


Second day will be Troy and British landing beaches.




B4 Istanbul – Nicea – BursaTroy – Gallipoli (3 days)

 (Also listed under Bursa options.)


Day 1 Drive to Nicea. (Two and a half hours including a ferry crossing across the eastern end of the Sea of Marmara) Visit the location where the meeting place of the First Council once stood, the Senatus Palace. Visit the Hagia Church, where the Eight Council met. Drive to Bursa. (One hour) Lunch. (An attractive possibility is the local “Iskender” (or Alexander)  Kebap, which gyro and other meat with tomato and butter sauce) Visit the Green Mosque and the Green Tomb and the Great Mosque and Silk Bazaar. Overnight stay at a hotel with thermal springs, which Bursa is famous for and enjoy a Turkish bath.


Day 2 Following morning drive to Canakkale. (Four hours) Visit Troy in the afternoon. Overnight in Canakkale.


Day 3 On the morning of the third day cross the Dardanelles by ferry. Visit the S and V Beaches where the British landed and Anzac Cove, Lone Pine, Nek and Chanuk Bair. Afternoon drive to Istanbul.



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