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In 2017, Rashid will be enjoying his thirty second year as a tour guide. Customer testimonies indicate that he is continuing to practice his job with as much enthusiasm and joy as he did when he first started.


Rashid has led tours for distinguished organizations such as the CEO (Chief Executive Organization), YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) and WPO (World Presidents’ Organization) and Council of Foreign Affairs Delegations and for distinguished guests such as David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brezinski (national security adviser for President Jimmy Carter) and financier George Saros.


Rashid has been a guide for INSIGHT VACATIONS ever since this company introduced tours in Turkey beginning in late eighties and has been one of the key actors contributing to the expansion of the INSIGHT operation in Turkey from a limited number of private parties to Gallipoli, to being one of the leading coach operations in the country. Rashid also led coach tours in Turkey with TRAFALGAR during 2002 – 2004.


Rashid has successfully led Christian Pilgrimages in Turkey with NAWAS, FRIENDSHIP and PILGRIMS tours and shares with members of non religious tours, key information on Seven Churches, on the separation of Eastern and Western Churches and on Paul’s missionary journeys in Turkey.


In 1990, in cooperation with Anatours, Rashid introduced possibly the first ever tour focused on the goddess and has over the years repeated goddess tours in Turkey with Melissa Miller of Anatours, Adrienne Momi of Mythic Travel  and Katie Hoffner of Goddessconversations. He had a particularly long lasting relationship with Lydia Ruyle who he had met as a guest on the first goddess tour and with whom he led many Goddess tours. In 2017 a goddess tour is scheduled with Denise Saint Arnault leading.  


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